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3 Fun Champagne Cocktails to Try this Summer

We have to relish summer while it lasts and one of my favorite ways to celebrate when the weather is warm is with champagne. I hope you enjoy these festive champagne drinks as much as I do!

Add a slice of lime to your champagne- it looks  and tastes  beautiful.

Add a slice of lime to your champagne- it looks and tastes beautiful.

Making interesting and delicious cocktails doesn't have to be hard. Have you ever tried adding a slice of lime to a glass of champagne or prosecco? Just the little bit of citrus adds so much taste and the slices look beautiful in the glass (if you're drinking out of a flute, you'll have to either use wedges or quarters of slices)!

Everything looks prettier covered in bubbles!

Everything looks prettier covered in bubbles!

This cocktail suggestion might be more for look than for taste, but slicing fruit for garnish will get everybody excited about their cocktails. Pictured here are two great ideas, the sliced fruit on the rim of the glass or sliced strawberry inside. How lovely is it, the way the bubbles are clinging to the berry. 

If you wanted to really make it a cocktail, you could add some muddled strawberries into the champagne to make a sort of strawberry mimosa!

Champagne + Popsicle = Delicious!

Champagne + Popsicle = Delicious!

Perfect for summer parties and warm weather, popsicle cocktails are colorful, festive and delicious. Pick your color based on your flavor preference and watch as the popsicle starts out as an ice cube and quickly melts, adding more and more flavor to the cocktail. Careful though, if the popsicle is too big, it will overwhelm the drink with too much sweetness! I love this idea because of the way the drink will change over time!

Champagne is such a festive drink - these fun ways to serve it will absolutely add to any celebration!