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Blue and White Sea Island Dinner Party

I was so lucky to get to spend some time in Sea Island this summer with my family. Those of you that check in here regularly will have seen some shots of a tablescape I built while I was there in my last blog post but I have many more and I wanted to keep sharing! I was so lucky to work with Kelli Boyd Photography who did an incredible job of capturing the day!

You all know my love of blue and white!

You all know my love of blue and white!

Nothing is more classic than the color combination of blue and white. I knew when I was planning these tablescapes that I had to have at least one set up in these colors because they are perfect for a beachside location! I loved putting white flowers in the patterned vase (my friends at Vinegarden Market did an incredible job with the flowers!) because it was dynamic and eye catching without being too busy!

I experimented with two different settings for the table and I had such trouble making a decision! I love the sea motif of the set on the left but ever the lover of color that I am, the contrast of the blue and coral in the plates on the right were so lovely. The exercise also reminded me that there are so many different ways to set a table and to keep pushing myself to try new things!

A close up of the sea motif table set up!

A close up of the sea motif table set up!

A subtle detail that I loved about this setup was the way the light caught the tablecloth and gave it a pinkish glow (you can see easily in the photo above). That tint perfectly tied in with either of the place settings in a really nuanced and beautiful way!

I will be posting more shots of these tablescapes (and maybe some never-before-seen shots) on my Instagram over the next couple weeks- so if you aren't already following me there, make sure to click here to check it out!

3 Fun Champagne Cocktails to Try this Summer

We have to relish summer while it lasts and one of my favorite ways to celebrate when the weather is warm is with champagne. I hope you enjoy these festive champagne drinks as much as I do!

Add a slice of lime to your champagne- it looks  and tastes  beautiful.

Add a slice of lime to your champagne- it looks and tastes beautiful.

Making interesting and delicious cocktails doesn't have to be hard. Have you ever tried adding a slice of lime to a glass of champagne or prosecco? Just the little bit of citrus adds so much taste and the slices look beautiful in the glass (if you're drinking out of a flute, you'll have to either use wedges or quarters of slices)!

Everything looks prettier covered in bubbles!

Everything looks prettier covered in bubbles!

This cocktail suggestion might be more for look than for taste, but slicing fruit for garnish will get everybody excited about their cocktails. Pictured here are two great ideas, the sliced fruit on the rim of the glass or sliced strawberry inside. How lovely is it, the way the bubbles are clinging to the berry. 

If you wanted to really make it a cocktail, you could add some muddled strawberries into the champagne to make a sort of strawberry mimosa!

Champagne + Popsicle = Delicious!

Champagne + Popsicle = Delicious!

Perfect for summer parties and warm weather, popsicle cocktails are colorful, festive and delicious. Pick your color based on your flavor preference and watch as the popsicle starts out as an ice cube and quickly melts, adding more and more flavor to the cocktail. Careful though, if the popsicle is too big, it will overwhelm the drink with too much sweetness! I love this idea because of the way the drink will change over time!

Champagne is such a festive drink - these fun ways to serve it will absolutely add to any celebration!

3 Event Details You Can Incorporate to Your Next Outdoor Summer Party

Summer is here and it's time to celebrate.  So much of summer, especially for everybody in New York City is about getting away.  Crowds flee the city every weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather at whatever destination appeals to them.  Yes, vacation is great but summer also reminds me of cookouts and grilling and so many reasons to be outside.  I thought I'd pass along some little details of summer entertaining that could add a little spice to your next event!

1. Drink Stations

Image from  ChristianPF

Image from ChristianPF

When entertaining outside, refreshing drinks are a must to keep the crowd happy.  If you don't want to limit yourself to wine and beer on ice, these punch jars are a great way to serve festive cocktails without being attached to the bar all night pouring.  They allow you to make big batches and just let your guests enjoy!  I love having all the fruit slices sitting inside the jars, it makes them look extra beautiful, so they serve as a decor element to your summer party or barbecue as well!

2. Yard Games

Image via  Buzzfeed

Image via Buzzfeed

Incorporating (or even just offering) games at your next outdoor party adds so much variety to the event.  Cornhole is a classic summer offering, but don't feel limited.  Matching games like you see above are easy to make and can be coordinated with the color scheme of the event.  If you're feeling committed you can make oversized versions of many games (Bananagrams, Jenga, Dominoes, Tic Tac Toe, etc).  Having these sorts of alternative entertainment options are especially useful when some of the guests may not know each other and can use the games as an opportunity to start talking!

3. Blanket Basket

Image via  Bridal Musings

Image via Bridal Musings

Outdoor parties always invite a little bit of a risk from weather.  Depending on where you are in the world, people may be sweltering when the sun is out (and clamoring for some cold cocktails from your ice cold refreshment station) but start to get chilly when the sun goes down.  Have a basket of blankets ready for people to cuddle up under.  Whether you are making s'mores around a fire pit or hanging out by the pool after dark, this detail will make your guests feel taken care of and encourage people to continue to enjoy themselves regardless of the temperature.

Some of these details may feel small in the grand scheme of the party itself - food, drinks, date, venue, theme, etc. - but sometimes the little details can make the difference between a good party and a great party.  Summer is high season for entertaining so taking the extra time to stand out from the pack with these elements of your next summer party will make you the toast of the town!