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3 Ways to Take Your Finger Food to the Next Level

Everybody has seen the big platters of chips and dips at parties, but the hosts who take it to the next level get so much appreciation.  Want to find ways to take your finger food not only to the next level of delicious, but also eye catching? You'll bring the house down.

Gradient Crostini

Ombre and gradients are all over the place, even your food!  As opposed to spreading out your garnishes evenly across your crostini, try turning it into a gradient of colors.  I did it here with different color tomatoes over a goat cheese spread and it was delicious and beautiful!

Who says finger food has to be savory?

Who says finger food has to be savory?

This strawberry, balsamic and mint crostini is beautiful and a nice switch up from the typical savory tastes you typically see. You can serve it for dessert but it also makes a fun hors d'oeuvre for your next cocktail party.  Add some goat cheese or ricotta and you'll have people clamoring for the next piece!


Another great option for finger food is the ever delicious and very trendy avocado toast.  I made it multiple ways here: sliced, mashed, and even an avocado flower!  (I wouldn't recommend to try to serve the avocado flower, it's hard to eat!)  Avocado toast is so easy -  just squeeze some lemon juice and add some red pepper flakes or make it with some garlic powder and diced tomatoes.  I love how vibrant the color is! 

Next time you're hosting a party, I hope these ideas might spark some creativity to try something other than the traditional chips and dip.  There are so many great ways to think outside the box with finger food that can please and impress your guests!