Four Things to Think About When Choosing Your Wedding Planner

I find most brides fit into one of two categories: they get engaged and they cannot wait to start the wedding planning process OR they get engaged and then suddenly they realize after a couple months that their wedding isn't going to plan itself.  These two brides have very different problems: one wants all the information and to do a lot of things, the other one has no information and probably doesn't have the yearning to go get it.  Wedding planners are great for both types of brides.

Image from  Snippet and Ink

Image from Snippet and Ink

Of course, I know that many people say a wedding planner is not in their budget.  This may be true for some but if you plan to "splurge" on multiple parts of your wedding, you may be wasting money and adding significant stress by not hiring one of us.  We come with years experience and lots of relationships that not only can help you pick the best vendors, or get the best deals with those vendors, we can help you enjoy the day. 

I could go on and on about the importance of wedding planners (are you surprised by this fact?) but I won't.  I want to talk about four things you should keep in mind when choosing your planner.  Whichever type of bride you are, there are a couple key things you should think about before signing that dotted line. 

1. Do you like their taste?
It does not have to be exactly your taste.  I've seen a fair number of wedding planner/bride pairings who have completely different vibes but it's important that you trust their judgement.  If you find yourself looking around their office saying "I love this design" or "Although I wouldn't decorate my office this way, this is so cute!" - you're on the money! No matter how much you wish to be involved in every part of your wedding, there will be some decisions your planner has to make on the fly and so it's important that your tastes align.

2. Do you enjoy their company?
You three (the groom is a factor here too, remember?) are going to be spending a lot of time together.  Don't pick the most famous, or most respected planners just because of the name recognition.  This person will be one of the people you interact with most on your wedding day.  Make sure you like spending time with them!

3. Do they ask you hard questions?
When you sit down and talk with potential planners, watch for the ones that are pushing you on your priorities.  I don't just mean trying to change your mind but trying to understand what is truly important to you about your day.  Early in your engagement these questions may be hard because you want everything but a planner who pushes you now is really prioritizing you having a day you are happy with, as opposed to an expensive day full of all the little details you've seen on Pinterest.

4. Are they constantly up-selling you?
It might be hard to spot this before signing on with a planner but you want to avoid the planners who are going to constantly push you for the more "premium" option because they get a percentage of the booking fee.  You shouldn't have to defend yourself from exorbitant prices every day of your engagement.  Perhaps in your introductory meeting tell the potential planner your budget and ask for some vendor suggestions - see if they are suggesting vendors that are actually within your range!  Money is a sensitive topic and it can quickly derail what should be a beautiful time in your life if you aren't looking proactively for a great planner.

Of course, these aren't the only things you should be watching out for, but if all four of these questions are pointing you toward this planner you're probably on the right track!