Wedding Stationery: How to Make a Great First Impression

I haven't spent nearly enough time on this blog talking about one of my favorite parts of weddings - stationery!  Yes, I love flowers and I love working with the couples, but there is something about stationery that gets me so excited.  If I weren't doing what I am doing today, I would love to own a stationery boutique.  I have collected four examples of various pieces of stationery included in past weddings I've done and I can't wait for you to see them!

I am starting off with a Save the Date and welcome map by Mr. Boddington Studio because one of the most important parts about wedding stationery, in my opinion, is that you start your wedding off on the right foot.  For some of your guests, the save the date will be the first communication they receive and you want it to not only capture the vibe of the wedding, but get them excited for the event.  The most successful stationery suites are not only beautiful, but full of personality.  This one for example, not only matched the blue and coral color scheme of the rest of the Sea Island wedding, but also did a great job of capturing the fun and carefree vibe of the couple and the wedding weekend! 

The next example by Regas Studio is a more classic example.  This wedding suite had the beautiful hydrangea trim running throughout and the classic script lettering.  Having a consistent motif, like the hydrangeas here, will tie your paper goods and really the whole event together.  It was great for the guests to walk in and see table numbers (or in this case names, like "Basil") with the same look as the save the date they had received so many months before.  This was a summer wedding at Blue Hill Stone Barns, so the paper pieces had such a nice casual yet elegant feel to them.  

I love this set by Sloane Design because of how considerate it was. The bride was from Brazil and the groom from California, so every piece was in both English and Portuguese. This was a considerable investment on their part because the whole stationery suite was letterpress but the payoff was so huge.  Every guest felt welcome and a part of the weekend, no matter how far they had come from.  I also loved their save the date because it captured their global love story and still got all the necessary information across in a fun postcard format!

This final example (another gem from Sloane Studio) was for a beautiful wedding at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  There was lavender throughout the event and I loved how you got the garden party feel even in the stationery.  The escort cards were pretty envelopes with ribbons and inserts printed with botanical patterns.  I loved the couple's choice to use a more modern font around the more natural, botanical theme - I thought it was a great balance!

So there you have it: four great and very different examples of beautiful wedding stationery.  It captures the feel of the event before guests even step foot at the venue.  It's an opportunity to show the personality of the couple just as much as the flowers or the band.  Take advantage of the chance, brides and grooms, and have fun with it!