Hermes: A Bold, Colorful Luxury Brand

Another week, another Molly Middleton obsession - Hermes.  I love the brand and have for most of my life.  My father always wore an Hermes tie and I loved them as a little girl because all of the playful patterns.  I think I am attracted to the bold colors and the refinement of the brand.  Everything they produce seems to be refined, timeless and distinctly luxury.  Known for the Birkin and Kelly bags as well as the colorful scarves, Hermes is an iconic brand. 

Hermes Bags

The Birkin bag is one of the most famous purses in the world and synonymous with sophistication, just like the name Hermes.  Image via  Harpers Baazar

The Birkin bag is one of the most famous purses in the world and synonymous with sophistication, just like the name Hermes.  Image via Harpers Baazar

There is so much conversation surrounding the Birkin bag because of its incredible price tag and waiting list.  But ignoring this component, the Birkin represents one of the things I love about Hermes: their commitment to quality. One of the things I encounter as an event planner is the tendency to want to pinch pennies.  I advocate to my clients purposeful spending for quality.  In my profession, there are many situations in which splurging pays dividends in terms of the experience.  There are endless overly or exorbitantly priced items in the event world, and in the world at large.  Perhaps the one justification for this kind of spending is a company or artist's true commitment to quality. Birkin's are timeless and long-lasting.  The price tag is absolutely an indicator of quality. 

Hermes Home

Hermes is most known for its leather and scarves but they also have incredible tableware.  I found this post covering a display of Hermes 'Voyage en Ikat' china and I loved the way the collection was layered - pattern on top of pattern, not to mention the vivid colors, so I had to include it here.  The ikat pattern combines beautifully with the rich purple and blue table and also with the gold flatware.  Hermes, across the board, is not afraid of color - and that's one if the main reasons I love the brand.  These photos above are another example of how Hermes manages to be bold while still appearing incredibly luxe and dynamic.

Hermes Bangles

The Hermes bangle is another item that has become iconic and associated with beauty and style.  It is easy to repeat yourself when talking about Hermes products because they have done such a a great job at maintaining quality over the years.  And I guess I should mention that I am in no way being told write these things.  MME posts are to give you a view into my life, so...

Anyway, the bangles, which come in many colors and finishes, are simple beautiful additions to any outfit.  It would be a dream to have a bangle to wear with every outfit; but, the amazing part about the bangles (much like Hermes scarves or bags) is that in many ways -- simply as a result of it being Hermes -- you can wear it with almost anything.  I had to include turquoise, of course, because it is my favorite color!

Hermes is a long-respected brand but is finding ways to stay relevant - i.e. partnering with Apple on the Double Tour watch.  I thought this was such an interesting choice for them.  The brand is known for creating items that are highly sought after, much like the newest Apple product, so I guess its not so surprising.

Image via  Hermes Website

Image via Hermes Website

Hermes Scarves 

A stunning example of the dramatic look of the Hermes Scarves. Image from  L  es Belles

A stunning example of the dramatic look of the Hermes Scarves. Image from Les Belles

Unlike a Birkin bag or an H bangle that has incredible brand recognition and a consistent look, the Hermes scarves are known for their variety.  You can find them in all colors, patterns and styles.  I feel as though every time I come upon another one I am amazed.  Of course, as with all things, the quality is impeccable.  Here are some of my favorite scarves from the most recent collection:

These are some of hundreds of examples of beautiful Hermes scarves (you can find more on their website) and you can see how all of the patterns are so unique and intricate.  I love the vibrancy.  

Hermes scarves can spice up an outfit.  They can add a luxurious detail to a simple look, but one less common use of scarves is in home decor.  I've started to see this and I think it is so interesting to see the beauty of a scarf incorporated into interior design.  Below is just one great example.

Image from  Elements of Style

I could go on and on for my love of Hermes.  I covet almost everything that they create and I have always appreciated their attention to detail.  In a funny way, it's similar to how I think about events: yes, sometimes it seems odd to spend so much money on a singular thing but when you invest in quality and beauty, the experience (whether of owning an Hermes scarf or the memories of a beautiful wedding) will last you longer than any inferior competitor!